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When I decided that I wanted to write down all my experiences and other things from the year ahead, I was really excited about the process and maybe a little nervous about the ‘publishing’ it part truth to be told.  Putting it out there for all to read, probably judge but hopefully enjoy is a daunting thing.  I’ve never really kept a diary or a journal, but in my former job in the media industry, writing was a big part of it and a part that I did like.

But, looking at a blank page and trying to choose what to write about for this very first post isn’t as daunting as I thought it was going to be.  Because I know just what I want to write about. My yoga journey.  The reason why I’m here, writing this blog…

(Takes a deep breath!)

So here goes…

When I think about the last year or so, a lot has changed for me. I made to some what seemed like a crazy decision given the career I was building (that they saw as just one big music festival after red carpet after celebrity launch) and to others what was a brave and empowering step.  I wanted to start living a life that gives me the freedom to do and be whatever I want to do and be. Yoga was the starting point.

I love yoga because it can be whatever you want it to be.  It can be an escape from the stresses of daily life.  It can heal the body and the mind.  It can empower those that are lacking self-confidence and lift those that are feeling lost. It can also bring a wealth of enjoyment to your life.

I originally started practicing yoga to rediscover my flexibility and sculpt my form.  Most yogi’s I was seeing were long-limbed, toned goddesses! That’s what I wanted.  A regular gym-goer and runner it started to fit into my fitness regime. I knew nothing of the history or philosophy of yoga, nothing about pranayama or meditation, nothing about yoga’s healing power for the mind.

It wasn’t long until, like so many others before me, I caught the yoga bug! But it wasn’t until my feelings about work and the kind of life I wanted to live began to change towards the start of last year, that going to a yoga class became much more important. More important for my wellbeing.

I was beginning to understand that practicing yoga meant more than just being able to touch your toes or do impressive arm balances. It’s a tool to help us master our wellbeing, feel good in your body and mind.

So I decided to leave my job, travel to Bali and indulge in finding out what yoga truly is.  I completed my 200 hr Teacher Training with a fantastic course run by Routes of Yoga. Headed up by two dedicated and brilliant yogi’s from vary different cultural and yoga backgrounds, Anton and Daphne guided us in exploring all the limbs of yoga.  It was an awakening experience, provoked discussion, expanded the depths of movement I didn’t realise my body could do, but ultimately inspired me to take up teaching on my return to London.

I hadn’t completely decided I was definitely signing up to the teacher training to teach after it. I just wanted to know more about yoga. Okay and spend a month in beautiful Bali! But after the course and Anton and Daphne’s encouragement I felt ready to.

Since then, coming home and building my yoga teaching experience and furthering my self-practice has been amazing.  I’m living to work not working to live, because work is yoga. Thank you friends and family for the constant love and support.  Thank you to my students for your positive vibes every class and to everyone reading this, my ‘Yoga And Me’ story, thank you for taking the time to.





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